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Setting the Memory allocation in advanced case settings


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This might be a bit of a first world problem, but it has frustrated me a few times so I figured I may as well put my hand up.

I run Intella on workstations with 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes of RAM.

I find the slider to set the memory allocation for the application and for the crawlers is completely fine on the machine with 64, but for 128 and especially 256, I find each step of the slider is too "coarse" - for example I may want to set it to 8GB per crawler and the options I get are 7.77 or 8.25 (not exact examples but you get the idea).

I say it's a first world problem because I'm sure ultimately it may not matter much, it's just not as precise as I would like.

Similar to the manual crawler setting where there is an editable text box, I would appreciate an editable text box for the memory options, so I can set the exact amount of memory I want.

I wouldn't get rid of the slider altogether, just let both be an option?

I may be getting a "proper" server with 512GB (or even more memory!) in the future, so I anticipate the issue will compound further with more installed memory.

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HI Shaun,

Note that you can increase/decrease these amounts of memory to get to a whole number like your desired 8GB. First drag the slider, then let it go where it is close to the number which you want. Then use the right/left arrow keys to fine tune the amount. Note that you need to actually hold down the arrow key to have the number increase or decrease. In this example I get 7.03GB when I drag the slider. But, now I hold down the left arrow key and the number counts down. I stop at 7GB.



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