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Untagging "Other's tags"

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This is probably a permission issue. Here is a list from the Admin manual. Have you set the second permission for that specific role?

Review related permissions:
• Can create new tags - allows users to create new tags.
• Can edit all tags - allows users to edit tags, even if they were created by other user.
• Can delete tags and taggings from other reviewers - users having this permission will be
allowed to delete tags and taggings created by other reviewers. In previous versions of Intella
TEAM, only Case Manager was allowed to do that. Now this action is available to every user
having this permission.
• Can manage coding layouts - allow users to create and edit Coding Layouts.
• Cannot see items tagged with… (this one needs an extra parameter: a tag name) - this
permission allows for hiding certain items from certain reviewers, while letting others see the
entire data set.

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