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Intella on Server OS?

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Will Intella and Connect run happily on Windows Server OS?


I'm looking at running it on one of these




If no then are there some specs that you would recommend to have an almighty Intella/Connect machine?


I'm wanting to put something together ASAP and I want to max out the specs to ensure good indexing speed and plenty of RAM for my Connect customers.


One other thing, the reference guide indicates that AV scanners can impact on performance, is it enough to have the intella.exe as an ignored file by the scanner or do I need to disable it completely while indexing to avoid interference?

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Hi Adam!


We are currently working on a document which gives more details about Installing Connect on a Windows Server OSes. Would you like to see an early draft and thus become our Beta tester?


When it comes to the specs itself, then reading this document is a must read: https://www.vound-software.com/resources/files/Intella%20Technical%20Guide.pdf

It will point you out into the best direction when it comes to leveraging CPU, storage and RAM resources to achieve best performance while indexing and delivering cases. The server you've chosen looks OK, IMHO, but I can understand what disk setup comes in as the "default". There is a lot of options there, though, so just make sure to read the document I linked above to choose the best setup for Intella.


It's best to turn of AV completely (if possible) when indexing cases, as this can decrease it's speed and lead to some items being blocked for read by Intella (as you pointed out).

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I had to move quickly before the Partner changed his mind on my spending ;) so I ended up staying away from the server and just putting together a beefy Win 7 based system (or at least I will when all the parts arrive).


I had concerns about different driver sets for the server OS and at this point in time I don't really have the luxury of being able to have the down time to test.


If/when things get quiet I'm open to installing a server OS on this system for some testing, but right now I need stability and uptime.


I can disable the active protection component of my AV (Vipre) which as I understand it stops it from actively looking at every single file that is touched ,but will still grab any file that acts in a suspicious way if accessed. So this should help with that side of things I hope.


I'm having stability issues in general with large data sets so I'm going to do up a separate thread about that to explore my methodology.

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