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New exciting features of Intella Connect

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For those of you who couldn't have been at the CEIC with us this year, we have a little treat :-) Have a look what we've been working on for past months, and busy indeed we've been. Below you'll find an early preview of new layout and case dashboard, but we also have a nice new administrative features and plenty of smaller enhancements. Please let us know what you think!






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I'm assuming this is the Admin dashboard rather than a user dashboard?


Customisable layout absolutely, I assume by way of tickboxes to see what is visible, similar to the way the details pane works within?


If this is indeed the admin console then the ability to show the work flow for other (or all) reviewers would be great too, if it's too much information to have listed on the front screen then maybe a new window/tab could open to display that.


The Alerts tab is great, what other types of events will trigger one of those? With the alerts listed on that pic how about a hotlink to take you straight to the files in question?


With the other picture I see the email addresses are now in alphabetical order, will that also follow through and have the tags displayed alphabetical as well? Also on the email addresses the 'all addresses' option that has been enabled for Intella would be great if that is possible for Connect. I'm meaning where you can highlight 'all email addresses', then click on search and the text field appears, you start typing and the list of available email addresses dynamically changes based on what you type.


I'm not sure how hard or if that's even possible for the Connect platform but it would be a very welcome addition.


I'm sure once it's available and we start working with it then other idea's will spring to mind :)

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this is case dashboard tailored to the end user (reviewer), not admin. The goal behind this is to show reviewers the case data but from totally different perspective. It is really mindblowing when you get to see this screen for the first time for the cases you have been working on. Even for us! We primarily want to allow reviewers doing two things:

  1. See nice data overview when they start working on a case (biggest contributors to the volume of data set, file type ratio, etc.)
  2. Have a fresh insights into what is going on with the case (see how tags are growing in numbers, who has been active and what they did, see how far are they in the reviewing process = a.k.a. the progress widget, etc.)

Admin panel will also grow in future, but in this release we wanted to deliver the best tools to our primary group of users, which are reviewers. 


Your further questions answered:

  • layout customization - we were actually thinking about giving user few layout templates to choose from and render those as blank boxes. Then, user could click on "add widget" and choose what he needs to see. In time he could further change the behavior of each widget (for instance: in tags widget you could only select tags that you wish to see so that "junk" or "irrelevant" tags are not shown)
  • Alert Box widget is aimed to render various kinds of events requiring user attention. We will add some new types of alerts with pretty much every release. For instance, you asked about "shutdown notice" in the other post - I think it would fit here nicely.
  • sorting tags (also requested by you in a separate post) are already on the roadmap for next release. If all goes as planned, you will see them sorted soon :)
  • Email Address Facet improvements - also, planned :) It will require some serious changes to this component, so I don't think we will be able to squeeze that in the next release, but I recon it should come soon after.

I humbly hope those changes & improvements will satisfy the needs of your organisation.

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