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Recovering Deleted Items - on/off?

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I'm just curious why you would want to do that? (apart from it may save some time)


You will then be examining an incomplete set of data with no way of knowing what you might have missed. Then should you decide you actually do want to look at the deleted data you can't be selective in the indexing process, you would have to re-index the entire PST archive again.


If for some reason you are 100% sure you don't need the deleted items you may be better off doing some 'pre-processing' using a different tool such as Xways, to parse the PST, then you can export only the inbox/outbox or what ever files you want, dump them in a folder somewhere and point Intella at that folder to index.

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I have run into the same problem while indexing a 49 GB PST file.  I would prefer to recover the deleted files but if time is a factor is there a way to turn this option off?  I would hate to let my data process for 50+ hours only to find out that the application has stopped working. The Java Platform SE binary is only using about 10% of the CPU during this recovery process.

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Do you know what version of software made the PST. 


Max size for Outlook 2010 is 50 gig and you are very close to that. Was the PST made by an archiving solution? 


Outlook 2002 and prior versions of Outlook allow you to store data only up to 2 GB of data.
Outlook 2003 and 2007 have size limit of 20 GB
Outlook 2010 has file size limit up to 50 GB 


The closer to the limit the more chance of corruption. This could be causing the recovery issues. 

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Unfortunately the time needed to recovered deleted items is unpredictable. It depends on the file size but also the age and consequently the internal structure of the file: over extended periods of usage the structure of PST and OST files get messier, making it harder for the heuristic recovery process. Typically recovery takes minutes at most, but we have seen cases before where it amounted to hours.


What might help is setting CrawlerTimeout to lower value like 10 mins. That will tell Intella to skip recovering deleted items after 10 mins waiting.


Open the /prefs/case.prefs file and add the following line:




This tells Intella to set a maximum of 10 mins (= 600000 msec).
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