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  1. I've been processing a 27gig PST file which remains idle for a really long period of time. Intella (1.7.2) shows that the indexer is recovering deleted items. Is there any way to guide Intella to NOT recover deleted items?
  2. Hi guys Two questions After working with Intella for a number of years, I have faced a number of scenarios where we have processed data separately and would like to then "join or merge" the indexes/data together. We have a number of Intella Team licences and would like to be able to make use of 3/4 processing servers to process different sets of data and then ultimately... merge the data/indexes together that could then be shared with the reviewers A second question is that if we have processed 5 custodians, it is easy to add a 6th custodian to the case, however, is there functiona
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