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Proxy Server Configuration

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I am setting up Intella Connect behind a proxy server.

I am having an issue where the redirects are not working. 

I see that there is a configuration file enabling or disabling proxies, but there is very little documentation on proxy configurations. Can I have more information on whether a proxy can be configured in Intella Connect and in what use cases that is recommended?

Thank you!

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Hi Lancenudd,

Which proxy configuration file are you referring to? Over the years we've seen few customers using proxies and if it worked out of the box depended on the proxy being used. Sometimes they ran into small UI limitations (ex. icon not rendering fine due to wrong URL rewrites), but in general it was working fine. Can you further describe in details the problems you are seeing with redirections?

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Thank you.

My specific configuration is I have Intella Connect behind an HAproxy reverse proxy server. SSL termination is at the proxy server.

The issue I am having is that I get the login page, but the redirects after the login do not work and I am getting an error that the connection is refused. I am wondering if the reverse proxy needs to be explicit in Intella in order for this configuration to work.


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No extra configuration should be required, I think. I would try to compare URLs generated by Connect with proxy OFF and ON. That should give you an idea where the URL rewrite is broken. If you tell us what that place is, we will try to further investigate. Without knowing which URL is rewritten and how we can't really do much. Obviously you could replace your production URL with some placeholder value.

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Errors are a good thing, because reverse proxies can have lots of issues that are very difficult to troubleshoot as they don't generate an error.  From what I can tell Intella Connect doesn't have any weird webservices or sockets requiring special proxy settings.

You should be able to piece together what is going on by reviewing the proxy log in addition to your browser (Chromium browser developer screen).

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