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  1. Errors are a good thing, because reverse proxies can have lots of issues that are very difficult to troubleshoot as they don't generate an error. From what I can tell Intella Connect doesn't have any weird webservices or sockets requiring special proxy settings. You should be able to piece together what is going on by reviewing the proxy log in addition to your browser (Chromium browser developer screen).
  2. Hi Jon, I'm trying to add a column to the export preset linked to an export set. It happens fairly often that there are levels of agreement between sides, and a change in specifications are not unheard of. I can create a new export set, but my previously-produced items get new numbers.
  3. AMD has some real benefits now that Intel is consistently patching exploits which tend to make the CPUs slower. For larger implementations, you would design redundancy using multiple systems but it sounds like this is a single box, correct? Fail-over isn't easy to accomplish with a single box, but if disk redundancy is what you are going after, RAID is a great way to do it. Just make sure that if you go hardware RAID, you have a backup card or motherboard because those can get hosed as well. You don't want to trade one nonredundant component for another. "Delayed RAID" sounds
  4. Hi, I'm in a real-world scenario with the production/export specifications changing over the course of this year. I eventually needed to add a couple columns. Easy to do if this is the first production, but many items have already been exported; It would be great to keep the same bates numbering for items being produced again. Reproduction can happen due to family relationships. I noticed the export-set-templates folder contains XML specs. I had some success in editing these (after a backup, of course) to add columns, but when adding Intella Columns such as a tag, the tag ID I co
  5. I just did this with a DAT load file with single backslashes, not double. It worked great.
  6. Definitely creating a copy of the data on the forensics network would be a viable alternative, as is doing a pentest and audit. I will definitely keep these strategies in mind, thanks!
  7. Thanks, this is helpful! I did try running as a service with not-so-good results. Our cases are on a mapped drive (SAN presented as a CIFS share) and the service doesn't see mapped drives. Edit: The options are a little hacky and UNC paths are working on the case watch folder so I think I'll just adjust the workflow and have people use the UNC path each time. Thanks again for the idea, it looks like this will work.
  8. It saves time because most of our cases are PDF production and not email. For those email cases I've been using FTK but it lacks any sort of email deduplication, although it OCRs as part of processing. The option of email dedupe far outweighs the additional time required so I'll be phasing Intella in now that I have a handle on 1.9. I sample a couple files to determine if already OCRed. Under the odd instance where only some of the production is OCRed, I just OCR all of it. With 32 cores doing a page each it's really quick. Autobahn does have an option for what to do with Non-Image
  9. We use Intella Connect on our corporate network with access to file shares. We're primarily a forensic accounting practice so a big feature is the ability to add clients (attorneys) into Connect for remote review alongside us. Often, they'll have a unique outlook on a case and this is much better than going back and forth. Our plan is to isolate Intella Connect as a published Citrix app. The main concern here is that because it has access to all production data, a public-facing web server is probably not a good idea. Citrix is a decent compromise between compatibility (many firms use a
  10. Thanks Jon, I didn't think about that. My initial thought was to set up the tags on a new case, and copy the case as a template before items are added. This is also helpful, although I'd need to give RDP access to any user creating a new case. I'm really trying to stay away from having to use Intella, and stick with Intella Connect.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to reply and adding it into the roadmap! Actually, AdamS's process of using third party tools is what we prefer, if you're open to it. We already have backup and filesystem versioning/snapshotting in place. Assuming his exact backup method isn't recommended due to data corruption issues backing up attached databases (I know other vendors would tell me not to) I think an option to simply take them offline at a regular interval is all that's really needed. With modern backup/filesystems, "backup" could be done almost instantly, taking up almost no additional
  12. Hi, We evaluated Abbyy but for HPC it was a little pricey. We also looked at an eDiscovery tool (Vound competitor) but it failed some basic tests. Finally we pulled the trigger on Aquaforest Autobahn DX. For $5500 +yr2 SMS you get unlimited pages on unlimited cores. We run Intella Pro and Intella Connect on two monster hosts with 32 cores each, and Autobahn runs on third VM. If you'd like to create a sample data set for this thread maybe we can get some benchmarks going...I'd be curious what a comparable system to Jon's would do (would be easy to shut down and specify 4 cores). As
  13. In order to tag documents by date (Bank Statements for example) users are creating 12 tags a year, for each month. So 2013-01 to 2015-12 has 36 tags to create, for example. It is very likely cases will be using similar tagging, and having to recreate it each time is really time-consuming. I would like to see a tag template, similar to the export templates, where you could apply one or more templates and bring those into your case. As an alternative, moving the tags to the case.xml would allow us to simply edit this programmatically and embed those tags. This would avoid the need to
  14. Backup is a requirement, not only for best practices and data integrity, but also because without backing up, there's no way to remove a source. In order to remove a source, the entire case must be scrapped. Obviously this is unacceptable, and the workaround is to back up the case prior to adding any source. With the above in mind before adding sources we need to back up. In order to back up a case we need to: un-share the case open up Intella Pro (via RDP in my case) open case close case choose to backup case while closing switch to Intella Connect share case again There needs to be a
  15. Correct, it did not work for me. Thanks for including the field! The reason I mentioned the attribute is that the 'cn' field was recommended in the manual and I think most users would not want to login with "John C. Doe" as their account name.
  16. Just wanted to mention that I could simply not get authenticated using the manual and finally, just used USERNAME for the Authentication user DN and it worked! Specifying 'cn' for the username attribute means my users have to type in their full names instead of their "login name". I used sAMAccountName instead which is the shortened user account name most AD shops are used to. Finally, for all users, I really wanted to use a security group rather than an OU - the reason for this is that our users are spread across the domain by location. For the base DN, I used DC=domain,DC=com and f
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