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New PC Build

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All I need some guidance for specifications on a new PC for our Intella connect server.

Currently the box we run on is a windows 10 PC approximately 6 years ago, its getting a bit long in the tooth now and needs to be replaced.

I want to have something which has some fail-over should the OS corrupt (had it previously) - so some sort of delayed RAID (unsure as of yet).

Ram etc and motherboards I'm not too worried about I can spec that easily enough, although has anyone had any experience with using Ryzen based systems? specifically the newer generation.  I love them as I have a 3700X at home with 64GB of data and its a beast of a gaming/work horse machine.

the main crux is fail-over, if something goes wrong with the OS drive I have a backup meaning I can get backup in a matter of an hour or so.

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AMD has some real benefits now that Intel is consistently patching exploits which tend to make the CPUs slower.

For larger implementations, you would design redundancy using multiple systems but it sounds like this is a single box, correct?

Fail-over isn't easy to accomplish with a single box, but if disk redundancy is what you are going after, RAID is a great way to do it.  Just make sure that if you go hardware RAID, you have a backup card or motherboard because those can get hosed as well.  You don't want to trade one nonredundant component for another.

"Delayed RAID" sounds more similar to a bare-metal backup, where the system's OS is also backed up and you can throw it onto a new drive and hit the ground running.  While you can do this, it doesn't take more than say, an hour to install Windows and a fresh copy of Intella Connect so the benefit here is less clear.  On the other hand, taking regular backups of case files can be easily scripted and this is the data you cannot reinstall.

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thanks for the reply, and apologies for the delay in responding.

I'll possibly look at an AMD build for the next machine, as it needs to be a solid setup without constant shut downs and updates.

If I go raid I'll possibly just do a RAID 0 so there's some redundancy should anything go wrong.

Do we know if Intella can be installed on Windows Server now? or is it still Win 10?
I've never for some reason been able to get Intella to run as service on the Windows 10 box, it's always been problematic - possibly something I've done wrong, but with a server OS i thought it may fair better.



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