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Export Table as CSV - Family Date Problems

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I've got a client wanting a load file creating, and need to provide the other side (court ordered) a list of items arranged by date today (they told me last night), and they are having issues formatting the table using the family date.

It won't arrange by family date at all, and everything is being exported in american date format, which is no good to my client, they need the data to be British date/time format.

I'm having the same issues with the family date and no matter what I do, even exporting the text columns into a text file them importing them into excel they just don't want to change.
some dates are fine, i.e. they will format as dates, whereas others will not change at all, no matter what I do to them in excel.

Does anyone have any guidance at all?

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Hi Fuzed,

I just replied to your support ticket, where you posted the same problem. I did few tests on my own and I don't see any issues with the software, so I think it may be a problem with choosing the wrong settings. You can change date formats to any custom one. This is described in section "15.2.11. Load file options" if Connect User Manual. Sorting options are described in "15.2.17. Reports and ordering".

Hope you will be able to figure this one out!

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