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Suggestion for new permission regarding tag creation and editing

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In working with versions 2.3 and 2.3.1, I am encountering a new issue that is proving to be quite inconvenient, and think that some additional granularity with regard to permissions is the most obvious solution.

I am finding it a problem that, as a case admin, I can no longer edit tags:  (1) that are created by other users; or (2) that were created automatically, such as via import of a coding layout.

Ideally, I would like the ability to prevent users from creating their own tags, which can be very important when working with less experienced users and keeping the Tags facet from being properly maintained.  For example, many users don't understand nesting of tags, and their inter-relationship with coding layouts.  If that were accomplished via an affirmative permission "Can create new tags," that would be fine.

In addition, it's even more important that I be able to edit tags in order to enforce naming conventions, etc., and efficiently address issues that are encountered.  Just today, I discovered that a user had created new tags and named them incorrectly.  This should be a quick, direct fix for a user with case admin permissions, as has always been the case.  Further, I have discovered that even the desktop software cannot override and permit the changes to be performed - at least when accessing the shared case via a Viewer license.

***EDIT:  in performing some additional work today, I just realized that the inability to edit another user's tag introduce's an additional limitation.  I just had occasion to edit an existing tag that included a long tag description.  Thus, I wanted to open, copy that text, then use it as the basis for the description of a subsequent tag, only needing to modify a single word.  Unfortunately, because the tag was not created by my, this is not possible via the UI.  Again, this is in the context of a currently-shared case in Connect, accessed via Viewer license rather than opening the unshared case, directly with a desktop license.     

While I'm discussing tags, I would also like to add that Connect would benefit from the addition of the ability to edit the top-level tag AFTER a tag has been created, as is possible in desktop.  As it stands now, if I forget to assign a parent tag at the time of the tag's creation, the only remedy is to delete the tag and re-create it.




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Hi Jason,

I agree with you and I'm happy to announce that next version will get following improvements:

  1. Ability to edit tag's parent
  2. New permission allowing to create new tags (granted to everyone by default)
  3. New permission allowing to edit tags (granted to everyone who already had ability to delete tags from created by other reviewers)


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