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  1. For example:I put "pol?cia federal" in my keyword list, then I get my hits and start reviewing an artifact by opening it. When I click to Highlight hits, could it highlight "polÍcia federal", "polzcia federal" and "polycia federal"? Currently it does not seem to work this way (evaluate the condition and then highlight the possible matches)
  2. I have a question about the logic of the query below:("TR?S" OR "3") ("PORCENTO" OR "PERCENTO" OR "%") ("JOS?" OR "PAULO") With this search, when I open an e-mail and click on Highlight hits, it counts and show a hit with just the term "3" (Chapter 3, for example). Shouldn't be highlighting just if there was a full match like "3% PAULO", as it is based on three AND conditions?
  3. Hello Jon, Thanks for the information. I have a question from a potential customer. He has all machines virtualized and he wants to know if it is possible to use/license/activate Intella without an USB dongle (Internet validation, for example).
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