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Found 4 results

  1. I am having an issue with tagging. When I tag items as irrelevant, some of them are not being excluded from the search results when I have specifically excluded them i.e. total results are 1500, I tag 100 has irrelevant but when the search results are refreshed it still shows the number as 1420 rather than 1400. Its not a big difference, but compounded over a large case this ends up duplicating a lot of work. Anyone have any insights as to why this would be happening. Thanks
  2. Hello, everyone, Sorry if it is a stupid question but I could not find it. I'd like to know when (date and hour) a user tagged a document. Is it possible? Through document preview function and looking into "Actions" tab I just see that it was tagged, flagged, previewed, etc, but not when the action was done. Not even exporting values to an Excel file I could see it. Thanks!
  3. Is there a way to apply tags to a case in a batch? Let's say I've got 40 tags, do I have to go through and manually enter the tags, or can I load the tags from a file? I'm thinking of when I have indexed data, and now getting the case ready for sharing.
  4. I have been working/experimenting with Intella on a recent case. We had a rather large EDB file and were having trouble carving psts out of it. We ended up using Paraben's Network Examiner, which did a solid job of allowing us to carve the individual PST files out of the EDB for processing. I then took one particular PST file and threw it into Intella. When the discovery of items that potentially had attorney/client privilege, I decided to you the sorting to insure that I separated the items. So first I tagged all the items with email addresses from two different law firms as Privileged. I
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