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  1. Hi Dale, as Jon mentioned, we are adding AFF4 support to the next W4 release. Let me know if you'd like to be added to the list of beta testers and I can send you the email invite.
  2. Hi Nikki, Good to hear. I'll add you to our list of W4 beta testers. Keep an eye out for an email with more information in the next few days. -Mel
  3. Hello Jacques, The following post covers a bit about what you're asking and should get you started:
  4. In our support portal we receive many questions throughout the day, some can be answered in a few minutes, others may take days to answer. Typically, the determining factor on how quickly these tickets are resolved is the quality of the information provided by the customer. First, I’ll start with some background information about our support process. Tickets vary in topics ranging from Intella/Connect issues, dongle activations, crashes, load files, processing issues, etc. Customer tickets that are very descriptive and contain information such as the system hardware/software, hard drive c
  5. Hi Fuzed, You can use the `-importText` command line option, see the "Command-line support" section in the user manual. Basically, store the content in a UTF-8 file named after the item ID, put them all in a folder, and then import that folder using that command. They then show up in an "Imported Text" tab in the Previewer.
  6. Jared, Use the "Number pages" checkbox in the File name and number menu.
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