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Boolean Expressions


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Perhaps I am overlooking something but is there a way in Intella to perform a complex boolean search such as:


(red OR blue OR green) w/10 (orange OR pink OR yellow)  ?


I realize the "combine queries" in the keyword list function performs a basic OR operation for the entire list, but I need to group two sets of terms and proximity search the content of the two groups.



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I would use the Keyword list as such.


"red orange"~10

"red pink"~10

"red yellow"~10

"blue orange"~10

"blue pink"~10

"blue yellow"~10

"yellow orange"~10

"yellow pink"~10

"yellow yellow"~10



Then use the clusters and tags to sort... 

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Seems overly complicated, especially when the list of terms in each paranthetical grows to a realistic size.  I just had a search string with 40 terms with stemming in the left expression and 8 in the right.


Is there no way to do this in a single expression?

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This query should work:


"(red OR blue OR green)  (orange OR pink OR yellow)"~10


Please note that hit highlighting is not supported for this type of queries yet.

Unfortunately, this seems to break down and not work when the expression includes a phrase in one of the parenthetical expressions.  Example:



"(red OR blue OR green)  (orange OR "pink ribbon" OR yellow)"~10


--Will result in an error (Invalid Query) due to the "pink ribbon" key term.


I have tested the expression with and without the "pink ribbon" and it works just fine without it.


This makes any complex searching much more complicated if Intella can't handle standard boolean expressions.


I submitted a support ticket as I need this determined ASAP, but if this does not work in Intella, I will dissapointly have to use DTSearch for the searches.  It handles the expression fine.


Can anyone from Intella comment on this?

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Nested phrases are not permitted by query syntax, so using "pink ribbon" within a proximity expression (which is also a phrase query) will result in a syntax error.


You can make "pink ribbon" a separate phrase query and consider the results in intersection with the proximity query.

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Dissapointing to say the least. 


Is this something that can be easily added to the pipeline for a next release?  I am sad to say it makes intella much less useful for me if not.


I guess I was assuming that Intella was using DTSearch as a search backend.  The nested phrase search works fine in DTSearch.

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