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Hotmail (live/outlook) mail account recovery


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All, is there a way with intella to collect imap accounts, as I've been provided with the username and password, but Intella does a very small number of messages and then appears to just time out - its sat for 4 hours and got me a very small number of items.

I'm assuming some sort of timeout is in place, is there much that can be done to get the mails in the account?

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Hi fuzed,

It's most likely a limitation of the hotmail server. Those usually don't allow to download everything in one ago. We usually recommend to download such data with a mail client first (or ome 3rd party app), and then index the result (mbox, pst, etc) with Intella.

Also, some mail servers such as gmail allow you to download data separately into a file. We are not sure if such feature exists for hotmail though, so you may need to look into that.

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