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Reporting keyword search hits


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I am a relatively inexperienced user but I am glad to say from my experiences to date that I hope to be using Intella much more in the future.


For future reference I would like  some advice as to how to best achieve results from these circumstances.


We have had a review team viewing material and searching via an evolving set of keywords. As they are reviewing data, based on the result of a particular keyword, they are tagging the files based on their relevance or not.


At the end we have been asked to output the tagged relevant material in original and pdf format with a csv report, which is no problem. The problem comes as they also want to know what keywords are in those files.


The only way my predecessor and I have been able to achieve this to date is to use a third-party tool to index and search the files in the original format folders and report as a csv. We have then used VLOOKUP in Excel to merge the results of the two csv outputs. This has worked but it is not flawless due to the sometimes differing format of file names, particular with email content.


It is all done on this case but it would be helpful to me to know how to set this up best before starting in the future.


Thanks in anticipation


Jerry W

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To date I have been using v1.6.4. I have downloaded 1.7 for future use. The case in question was started in 1.5 then converted and continued in 1.6. For the sake of the reviewers I didn't want to upgrade at that point as they were near completion.


I would be interested in best work practice for both versions, if you can help.



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Jerry this is something I've been talking about with regards to keywords and having custom fields for the reports.



My short term solution has been to make use of the custom naming convention and have the files named to show the keywords (000001 Tags = keyword.eml), you can have numerous other things in the name but to avoid LFN problems I try and keep it as short as possible.


That way the unique number identifies every email with the keywords easily visible. The reports will give all the other relevant details to assist with further review.

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