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EnScript - Export Email For Intella

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Hi Hagrid,


The EnScript will export out all of the "User created" documents and files from the image (s). This includes email files, office doc's, PDF's, rtf's, images and so on... All the file types you would expect a user to have in locations like My Documents, DATA and such. These are a the file types Intella is best at reviewing..


The concept is that 95% of the time the evidence is found in a document, file or email the user has created or received. The other 5% it is a registry setting, a recovered file or some other evidence type that needs specialist software to interpret.


Using a "Forensic Analysis" tool that is more designed to look at devices, link files, registry or recovery is over kill (and requires a trained user) and is not as easy or requiring as much training as using a "Forensic Search" tool like Intella.


So in short, 95% of the time you can use the EnScript to export out the data and use Intella to reduce the complexity, cost and time it takes to review the data types that most often lead to the "smoking gun" .



Please note the EnScript is for V6 only ATM.

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The latest version can now be found here: https://www.vound-software.com/whitepapers-studies-resources#resources. See "Export to Intella".


Note that Intella's indexing abilities have grown significantly since this script was made, so most users don't need it anymore.


Thank You! Christiaan Fluit :)


Best Regards

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