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  1. Hi, Does anyone know where you sign in to download the latest version of the software? I can't find any links on Vound's website. Thanks, Rick
  2. That's a nice addition to the Date/Time filtering capability. Thanks for listenting!
  3. Acrobat also allows you to combine multiple PDF files into a single file that can be Bates stamped, marked for confidentiality and redacted. I do agree that it would be nice if Intella offered Bates stamping, so that the log file would include your Bates numbers plus meta data. I do see some issues with implimentation of Vounds part, i.e. since the log file tracks by file, not each page of a file, the log would have to show the Bates numbers range for a specific file. I will continue to use Acrobat Pro since it does a good job. The only downside to Acrobat Pro is the cost of the software, but the cost is trivial when considering the cost of having an outside vendor perform this type of work. Cheers, Hagrid Just my $2.00 worth! Disclaimer: My opinion is still worth only 2 cents, but has been adjusted for inflation.
  4. Just wanted to check in on this request to see if it's still on the radar! I love Intalla. Just kidding Adam! But I do love Intella.
  5. Just in case you are not aware, you can Bates number and redact PDF files in Acrobat Pro.
  6. Dear Intella, The forum's Search function is really annoying. I typed "installing new versions" and I get the below error. This happens all the time and bascially I just don't use it. I'm sure there is some logic to this "4 characters" rule, but doen't make sense to me. Could you imagine if Google works like this! One or all of your search keywords were below 4 characters or you searched for words which are not allowed, such as 'html', 'img', etc, please increase the length of these search keywords or choose different keywords.
  7. I was hoping that version 1.6.4 would address this issue. Even though I have not thought this through, it would seem to be an easy fix. 1. Add a facit to select one or more Sent or Received day of the week, i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, etc. 2. Add a facit to select a Sent or Received time range This would also be nice if it worked well with the new Display Time Zone feature in 1.6.4.
  8. It has been mentioned several times that the best setup for indexing is to use two external drives; one for the evidence and one for the case data. I recently discovered that using USB drives can slow down the indexing process. It was recommended to use two external eSATA drives. Has anyone used two external USB 3.0 drives with USB 3.0 connector on their computers? How well does it work? The reason I'm asking is that later this year I'm going to ask for a couple of forensic workstations and I'm wondering if I should order them with dual eSATA connectors or is the new USB 3.0 fast enough. Of course, I'll try to order with both, but, if USB 3.0 is good enough and I'm sure it will become the standard, I don't want to spend money on an eSATA adapter if I don't have to. I'd rather put the money into more memory, etc. Any thoughts about USB 3.0?
  9. I'm using a Dell Optiplex 760 with 4 GB RAM. I'm using two external drives, one for case files and the other for the evidence files (PSTs). The case drive is an external USB hard disk and the evidence drive is an external eSATA drive. Should also mention that I'm running Windows 7.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone else is running into this problem. Indexing is not completing when indexing a large number of PST files. I started with about 70 PST files at around 50GB total, which did not index. I then split the group in half; one half indexed successfully and the other did not. So I split that half and it worked. The problem here is that each time I split the group it doubles the amount of work because I have to search each group separately. Is anyone running into this problem? Is anyone else indexing 20 or more PST without having any problems? Any suggestions? Thanks,
  11. I'm working on a project and need to see emails sent outside of normal business hours, i.e. Saturday or Sunday, or after hours. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to appreach this type of search/filter. NOTE: Since this may not be possible in the current version. Please consider adding this type of filtering for future releases.
  12. If our organization where to implement S/MIME Encryption on ExChange/Outlook, would Intella be able to index and search S/MIME encrypted email? Does anyone have any experience with S/MIME within an Exchange enviroment and can explain some of the issues around doing e-mail investigations. Thanks!
  13. I typically go to Vound's website and then to the forum to find out what's the latest version of Intella. I was wonder if it would make since to have a sticky topic in the Intella 10, 100, 250 area that provides that information including the date it was released and with links to any key issues that should be considered before installing and especially before upgrading. Thanks,
  14. Can someone explain what the EnCase EnScript does and the advantage of using it. I typically just export the PST files and then add them to Intella and index/reindex. Thanks,
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