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Print report not printing all tabs

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In Intella desktop when the print report option was select all of the tabs for the item were printed into the pdf e.g. contents, properties etc... but in Connect on the preview is printed and nothing else - only one tab is being printed in the print report option; even though the user manual says that the print report option will print all of the tabs.

Is there a specific setting that I am not aware of or does something extra need to be done?


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The Print Report button opens a print dialog that shows the native rendering of the item with a minimal amount of metadata. If the item has attachments, you are asked if these should also be printed.

This button therefore has the same functionality in Intella as it does in Connect, but indeed the Connect user manual needs to be changed to reflect this. I will make sure to change the online version of Connect user manual and for future versions, but the PDF version of the Connect user manual that you already have cannot be changed remotely. Sorry for inconvenience.


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