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Update for language pack

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Hi Dougee!


As you have already seen Intella, starting with version 1.6, brings support for languages other than English. Those are handled by very small text files, that we like to refer to as "Language Packs". Whenever you see an update notification in the top bar, it means that you current Language Pack is different that the one we have on our server.


We always update Language Packs with each minor release of Intella, but we don't update then for a interim releases.


If you feel like you have the official 1.6.3 release (not any custom build) and you are stil seeing this message, then perhaps you could report this issue in our ticketing system (http://vound.helpserve.com/). It would be helpful to report full version number (it can be looked up in Intella logs or in "About Intella" dialog accessible from Help menu) and which language are you using (currently supported languages are: English, Chinese, Spanish, Polish).


I hope this clears up things,


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