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Estimated time for processing

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While using Intella Professional for case processing, I see it shows only the current and accumulated time of processing but never an estimated time to finish the processing task of an amount of data.

It would be awesome if possible to predict the remaining time of data processing.

Is it anyway in the roadmap/future plans?

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Hi jmacedo, that is probably a near impossible number to get semi accurate. That type of calculation is not just based on the size of the evidence being indexed. There are many factors that determine the speed of processing, and how long a dataset will take to process. These include the following:

  • Which hardware is being used? More CPUs/Cores and Memory will provide better performance
  • Have the memory and crawlers be configured to maximise performance based on the hardware?
  • Are you using local disks or network/USB drives? BTW, we do not recommend using  network/USB drives as performance can be poor, and case data can become corrupt if they are not reliable.
  • What types of drives are being used? Traditional rotating drives, or SSD technology? What speeds are the drives?
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