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Embedded Images in Emails


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I had a question regarding embedded images on emails and if someone has a workaround, it would be appreciated.

Test Environment:

Intella 2.2.1 and a single email with 0 attachments, but multiple embedded images. Specifically, the embedded images are signature block pictures, a image that was copy-pasted to the email, and another of unknown origin.

My goal is to be able to index that email and get a result saying that there is only a single item in the index. More specifically, I want to PREVENT Intella from peeling out the images found in an email unless they are explicitly attached to the message. If an image was a traditional attachment to the email, of course I would want that separated into its own item. Here are my tests.

First, using default settings, the index resulted in 5 family items - not what I need.

Second, unchecking the option in the "Add New Source" prompt under "Items" for "Index images embedded in emails and documents," the index resulted in 5 family items - again, not what I need. Based on the "?" explanation on the same page for the indexing embedded images option, I would expect this to solve my problem, but it does not.

Based on what I am seeing in the metadata from the indexed email, it appears that Intella is interpreting the embedded images as attachments, which I would consider to be fundamentally incorrect.

As for my question, is there any way for me as a user to manipulate the Intella indexing process in a way that prevents the split of embedded images (sig blocks are generally the biggest issue) as separate items in the index? In other words, is there something I can do in the above test that results in only a single email in the index as opposed to an email and 4 embedded images?

I will say that an E-Discovery tool that we use for specific situations classifies all 4 embedded images as such and has a toggle to prevent the images from being separated as individual files from the parent email.

Please let me know if this needs further clarification.

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