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Phone Instant Messaging Items - Conversation Items


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I have processed a Cellebrite UFDR file (phone) with Intella v2.2.1. The manual makes it clear that instant message items will be bundled into "conversation items" if able, on a day-by-day basis (page 62). 

My question is:

Is it possible to tag only one of the bundled message items listed in the bundled conversation? Tagging seems to only apply to the entire bundled conversation "SMS/MMS Conversation" file. One idea - perhaps I must redact all of the other/unwanted bundled text?


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Hi Ilanowar, I don't think you can tag the single messages from a conversation. If you want to extract the info for a single message, you could search for the message body itself, then open the associated SQLite database. From there you can copy the table headers and the row which contains the message and paste the data into a new spreadsheet for reporting, e.g.


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