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LoadFile - Import multiple tags


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Is there a way in Intella 2.2, when importing a load file, to import multiple tags for a single document.

For example, in my load file, I have a column name Tag_Targets, which contains the tags under which each document should be tagged.

It work well for documents that need to be assigned to a single tag, but some documents need more that one tag (Taget1, Target2). 

I can't find a way to assign multiple tags to a single line in the load file.

Is there a way to do this?

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You could try Tag Groups.This is from the user manual.

"These columns are created for every top-level tag with sub-tags. When selected, the corresponding column shows the tags within that part of the tag tree. The column will be named after the top-level tag. For example, when a tag named “Relevancy” has been created with subtags “Relevant”, “Non-Relevant” and “Privileged”, the tag group in the column chooser would be called “Relevancy”. Enabling it would add a column named “Relevancy” to the table, with the “Relevant”, “Non-Relevant” and “Privileged” tags as possible values for those items that have been tagged as such".

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