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Parent Item Issue


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I recently ran a keyword search across various email PSTs and was viewing the hits. Some hits were email bodies and other hits were in attachments only.  I highlighted the entire list of hit results and right-clicked and selected show parent (direct, not top level).  I then tagged all these items with the thought that any attachment would now have its parent email tagged.  I exported the tagged items as native, but there were a number of instances of where the parent email of the keyword-hit-attachment did not appear in the export.


In order to test this, I found one such email/attachment.  The attachment had a keyword hit but the parent email was no included in the export.  I previewed the attachment and from the preview window (left side) selected "show parent" and sure enough, the parent email appeared.  I noted the parent email's Item ID and closed the previews.  I then selected the attachment and about 50 others as a group in the listing and right clicked -> "show parent" and the parent item ID was not in the resulting list.  


Obviously, this caused a lot of concern as I am now unsure if all parent item emails are being selected when I highlight a group of keyword hit items and right click -> "show parents."  


Does anyone have any thoughts on why this occurred?


My goal was to export the lowest level email item possible (including any of it's attachments) for any item (be it an email or an attachment) with a keyword.

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This sounds a bit strange, may be have a look again at that identified item that triggers it.

What is the structure as Intella sees it (e.g. the tree tab in the preview)?

The closest I had to this (I was called to triage similar situation) was caused by some complex document, I think it was TXT (with the keyword), embedded in a DOCX, attached in e-mail. So while the keyword hit was indeed "in the Word document" and it looked right especially in the native view, there was one extra level involved.

I usually told people to repeat the "Show Parent Email" command on the generated set and see if it behaves as they expected.

I guess a TXT file attached within EML file  attached to another e-mail (in a PST folder) might also produce expected, but not obvious results.

Finally, make sure there are no filters involved (Exclude/Include) and deduplication is off.

And if none of the above helps, open a ticket 😄

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