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newbie question


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Just getting used to using product and have question which I think is easier than I am making it:

I want to retrieve all MESSAGES AND ATTACHMENTS within a certain date range that:

a) are either from or to a certain email address

b) contain attachments

Can this be done with one query? several? 

Any advice very much appreciated.



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Hi John, I'm sure there is a way to acheive what you want using various AND / OR functions and the inlcude/exclude options, however I've found that building complex searches with simple steps gives a good result and some comfort that you are getting the results you wanted.

To accomplish this I would use the following method:

  1. In the Facet Search windows select Type then in the window below select Communication-->Email and click search
  2. Click on the big ball to select emails then go to the keyword search window (top left), click Options then put tick in the boxes From and Sender
  3. Click on Search again to close this little window and type the email address in the Keyword search window then click search
  4. You should now have 3 balls in the Results window, click on the middle intersecting ball which should be all the emails sent From the email address
  5. In the Details window select all these itmes and tag them all "Emails AND From Address" or something that makes sense to you
  6. Clear everything
  7. Repeat step 1 and 2 only this time at step 2 tick the boxes for To, Cc and Bcc
  8. You should have 3 balls again, select the intersecting ball and tag those results "Emails AND To Address" or similar


You now have 2 working tags with all your emails TO and FROM the relevant email address. To isolate those with attachments simply bring the tag up by highlighting the tag and clicking search. Ensure the "has attachments" box is ticked in the Column selector (small box with green tick directly under the word timeline, middle right side of screen). You can then sort the emails based on that filter and highlight the ones with attachments and tag those accordingly.

It seems like a lot of steps, but trust me the more you use the software the quicker things move, that process would generally only take a minute or so.

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