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Translating Languages


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Intella has pretty strong inbuilt support for detecting and identifying different languages, however I'm in a position where I have a large number of Japanese documents/emails etc and wondering what my options are here.

Does anyone have any experience with translating documents of this nature in such a way that I can still make use of Intella for review?

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Hi Adam,

You could have a look at the new command line options that are offered by Intella 2.2. Using a script you should be able to use, for example, Google Cloud's AI service to translate such documents and import them back into Intella. See also chapter 27 of the user manual. We'd be interested in hearing your experiences with this option.

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Well, nothing beats (human) reviewers that know the language in question 😄 in speed-performance and quality; budget-wise it may not be the best option, if at all available (e.g. time-space constraints, confidentiality, etc.)

I'd always try to find somebody with good command of the language and train them in Intella (1 hour training + 3-4 hours sitting in the same room), let them sift through the material and tag what might be important. Filter out, deduplicate, etc. something (based on budget) and have it translated by professional. Then add as new source and index (and make sure you get the same filenames/types). You may need to repeat the process a few times.


And if you are still looking for someone fluent in Japanese and Intella, just ping me directly.

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