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Overlay data into custom columns post-indexing


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I'm piggy-backing off gjennings post in the other forum titled Adding New Data Fields. I couldn't find an actual request for this feature in the Wishlist forum, so I'm adding it here just to make it official.

This is hands-down the #1 item on my Intella Wishlist. I come across issues in nearly every case that could be resolved much more easily if we could import data into custom columns (rather than tags).


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Hi Todd, yes we are seeing this in many cases now, typically where documents have been image scanned and therefore the digital metadata needs to be explained. The client just wants to read the docs in chronological order, they are happy to have a team of admin clerks viewing every document and gathering the 'actual date' rather than the data it was scanned but then there is nothing that can be done to get this back into Intella. We've logged a mail with support so fingers crossed for the future.

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