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Using Wildcards in searches

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The client asked for me to conduct some searches  on their behalf, as they do not feel like they understand Connect enough to do it, the request was for two words which were:



I conducted a search for restructur* and got around 26089 results.

I then conducted a search for restructure and got 1831 results

I then conducted a search for restructuring and got 24196 results.

difference of around 62 items in this search?

I conducted a search for the term restructured and got 889 results.

Why am I seeing different results - the customer is obviously concerned that items might be missed with the keyword searches etc that are being conducted?  They have asked if there is a way for  them to speak to you guys directly for support, instead of coming through myself?  Obviously I would like to know the answers as well.



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Hi Fuzed, you won't be missing anything that you have searched for. I think the confusion is more related to the way that you are searching. To find out what the difference is you could try this:

1) Run an exclude search for restructure

2) Run an exclude search for restructuring

3) Run a normal search for restructur*

The results will be everything that starts with restructur* but is not restructure or restructuring.


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