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Mails deduplication

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In scenario when I upload into Intella 2 backups of same mailbox (*.pst) from different day (e.g. first made on 1.01.2018 and second made on 31.01.2018) mailes priror to 1.01.2018 appears twice (one per backup file) after deduplication. 


Does some proccessing/indexing failed, and it should not happened? (And to solve it I should re-index both databases again).


Or if it is normal, is there any way to set percent of compliance during deduplication (e.g. from 100% to 99% or so) to deduplicate such mailes from different backup's? 


Thank you

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Hi Questa Integrity,


You should compare MD5 and Message Hashes for two emails that you consider duplicates and see if they match. If they are different then it means that some difference in your evidence is causing that. Two exact message hashes will mean that items are considered duplicates. For details about hashing algorithms used in Intella please check out section "14.1.17 MD5 and Message Hash" in our User Manual.

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