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Out of Bounds exception while indexing


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Bit concerned right now.. really hope someone can provide some guidance


I've been adding and indexing new sources one by one (about 12 so far) and while my last source was indexing I got a out of bounds exception and had to exit Intella


upon re-opening Intella i notice that the insight tab isn't able to present the various snapshots (eg internet artifacts) due to this out of bounds exception and some of the values are showing as null.


Not quite sure what to do now. If i remove the last source and re-add it and index that new source will everything be ok? or will I need to re-index the whole lot? Or revert to a backup? I backed up about half way in but not since..


If it would assist I can provide error logs.


Thanks heaps in advance



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Hi 068,


Have you logged on to the support site before submitting the ticket? If so, then maybe you can ask your IT team to help with the error. Perhaps they have blocked access to the support site, or have some security in place somewhere?


Yes, it is always best to use the latest release. 2.1 has a number of new features that you can read in the release notes. Note that cases made with 2.0.1 need to be converted before you can use them in 2.1, but that is a straight forward process. Also, I expect that we will be releasing 2.1.1 within the next 2 weeks. Maybe it is better to wait for that release?

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