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Removing "Other's tags" from Print Report


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In Intella 2.0.1, I would like to know if it would be possible to prevent displaying the "Other's tags" field from the report when we click "Print Raport"?


This is a problem for us as we need to disclose documents to the defense and the presence of those tags might give away clues about the investigation.

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Hi Cayerpm,


The "Print Report" option doesn't have any configuration unfortunately. It will always include "Other's Tags".
What you can do is use a normal export to PDF format (right click the item in the Details table and select, export highlighted results, then select the PDF option). You will need to configure the export under the PDF Rendering Options window.
1) On the left side, select the top Configure button.
2) Expand the Review options
3) Uncheck the Other's tags option
I hope this helps.
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