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Concept for "Hide Non-Inclusive"


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From what I found I could understand that Intella Connect 2.1 is able to read and show whole content of an e-mail thread in a single preview, instead show only a lot of individual files that is part of this e-mail thread.

If you activate "Hide non-inclusive" in the search tab, only message that are part of the thread will be shown to you.

Am I right?

I'm unable to test it right now because I have a client fully using my license.


Thank you, guys!

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In an email thread you can have inclusive, and non-inclusive emails. When you read all of the Inclusive emails, you read all of the information in the entire thread (provided that there are no missing emails). 


The non-inclusive emails do not contain all of the information in the thread, and therefore do not need to be read. For example, if a thread contained 3 emails, and the last email contained the information from the first two emails, the last email will be inclusive. The first two emails won't have the information from the last email (because the last email was sent at a later date), so they are classified as non-inclusive. The hide non-inclusive button hide these emails leaving you with one email to read, which contains the entire thread.

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I see a lot of messages that are supposed to be part of a thread, but when I apply the "Hide Non-Inclusive" button the result is the same.

It means, I have 1000 results as result of a search and after apply the mentioned button, it remains as 1000 results. I used the last version of Intella to process the case and I'm sure that I marked the new option related to "E-mail thread".

Also, I'm sure that in this simulation there are e-mail threads. See my attachment, please!

Am I doing something wrong?





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