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Import load file - paths may not be correctly configured


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Hi All,


I just received my first load file and walked through the user manual for importing. I seem to be facing one issue (at the moment:):


The load file is comprised of 4 folders: PROD004\DATA, PROD004\IMAGES, PROD004\NATIVES, PROD004\TEXT.


Step 1:

Import Load File = seems to be fine (point to provided .dat and .opt)


Step 2:

The "Load file preview" tab states: "Successfully validated. Found 35 columns." (I see the columns and populated data)


The "Image preview" tab states (for each entry/row):

"Image file cannot be read: .\PROD004\IMAGES\IMG001\LUN0002_00001104.pdf 

Paths may not be correctly configured"


- I've tried toggling the "Use absolute paths" checkbox to no avail. I guess my problem revolves around the relative path single dot (current directory).


- With "Use absolute paths" unchecked, I see stated:

"Image file cannot be read: D:\Received_Productions\PROD0004\DATA\.\PROD004\IMAGES\IMG001\LUN0002_00001104.pdf

Paths may not be correctly configured"


Do I need to move some folders around?


Any suggestions?


Thank you in advance.



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Thanks for the suggestion. Didn't seem to fix the issue.


I moved the .opt and .dat files out of "DATA" and into "PROD004".


So now, the structure is:




Received_Productions\PROD0004\DATA\        <- (now empty)





- pretty much same as before.

All looks good on "Load file preview". "Successfully validated. Found 35 columns."


"Image preview" states:

(with use absolute paths checked): 

Image file cannot be read: .\PROD004\IMAGES\IMG001\LUN0002_00001104.pdf 

Paths may not be correctly configured


(with use absolute paths unchecked):

Image file cannot be read: D:\Received_Productions\PROD0004\.\PROD004\IMAGES\IMG001\LUN0002_00001104.pdf 

Paths may not be correctly configured


I'll keep tinkering. Thanks again for the suggestion.

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Hi llanowar,


Can you post the first 2 lines of the DAT file, and also the first line of the OPT file please.


The file/folder paths are what we are interested in. If there is any confidential information in the second line of the DAT file, this can be changed or redacted before you post it.

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