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Intella 2.0.1 - Sentinel Dongle Issues


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Installed onto my Windows 10 workstation, and it 'broke' EnCase - uninstalling intella and EnCase, and re-installing intella only then allows me to use EnCase again - Sentinel dongle problem - EnCase does not see its dongles when intella is installed.


I've spoken to Guidance Software about the issue and they are going to have to do some testing, my own testing concludes that Intella is the software causing the issue.  I've tried installing EnCase first, then Intella, Intella first then EnCase, but as soon as intella is installed EnCase can no longer see the dongles.



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HI Rashid,

We are using the Sentinel driver in a very vanilla way (no custom changes), we have made no special changes to the Sentinel implementation.   If Intella works and your other software is not functioning. It would be very difficult to tell what it is about the other software that is broken. Their support may have more details on this. 

A helpful tip for you is to look at this page on your system: 



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theres a problem between the two dongles interacting, I think the EnCase dongle is VERY old - I've been in here 7 years and have used the same dongle in all that time.

I'm going to try an get another dongle from them, hopefully a newer one so I can use both applications.

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