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For the attention of users of NVIDIA graphic cards


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Dear users,


Recently our support service received a number of complaints about Intella started to crash after updating the GeForce driver. As it turned out, the problem was the driver version, not compatible with Java applications.


If your Intella installation is affected by this issue, it is highly recommended to download and install the 378.57 driver hot fix provided by NVIDIA:




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I too have had some bad experiences with Nvidia drivers, infact I lost about 2 weeks worth of work on a case when the driver caused a crash mid-indexing. As a general rule now I don't update the Nvidia drivers until I've had a chance to run some tests.

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I just assembled a new workstation and am having trouble with the Intella interface having some nasty display issues.  The new machine has an Nvidia GT1050ti video card and is using the 419.67 driver (I know it's not the newest driver, see below).  My other machine I run Intella on (older machine) has an Nvidia GTX750Ti with driver version 364.72.  Every attempt to update the older machine to newer drivers resulted in Intella issues, so I kept the old drivers in place.  


On the new machine, whenever I mouse-over any interactive area of the interface, I get second and third and fourth, etc. instances of my Intella screen.

My problem is that there is no "older driver" for the new video card, so I tried both the newest and the oldest (currently using) and have the same issues, as seen in the below screen capture of an export dialogue.  


I replicated the video driver options as best I could between the two machines, but I am still having the same issues.  The old machine is W7Pro and the new one is W10Pro.


Any suggestions for how to handle?  It pretty much makes Intella unusable on this machine. 


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While you could spend much time testing and trying beta drivers or other tricks, I think ultimately the best solution here would be to work through with the Intella Dev guys to find a permanent fix.

I've never seen anything remotely like what you are experiencing, but it would seem that from time to time Nvidia and  Intella don't play nice together.

If you are desperate for a short term fix I would suggest possibly going out and grabbing a cheap video card that with an ATI chip, remove Nvidia from the equation until a suitable fix can be found.....or possibly Beta drivers..

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