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Exclude Native on Load File Export


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Hi Guys,


I'm in the scenario with over 100,000 emails most with multiple attachments that I need to export in load file format.


Many have the profile shown below:


Email Body - Relevant for Export

  Attachment 1 - Relevant & Redacted within Intella

  Attachment 2 - Relevant

  Atachment 3 - Not Relevant & Contains confidential information.


The only safe way to export this is:


Email Body - Image & Text 

  Attachment 1 - The redacted version of the Image & No Text

  Attachment 2 - Native, Image & Text

 Attachment 3 - Excluded.


Because, of course, if the native email body goes, then all of the material is also released in native.


Intella V2.0.1 will handle all of the attachments in this scenario but whilst there are options to Exclude completely on a tag, Exclude if Redacted, Exclude the Text file, Exclude the image and provide the native instead, there is no exclude the native based on a tag.


Am I missing something? 


Will I just need to manually remove the *.eml *.msgs etc from the native directory and edit the Export.dat accordingly?


I think this could be a quick feature enhancement that could deliver a quick win.


Best regards,












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Jason - based on what you've described, which sounds like a typical litigation support load file production scenario, I think you are missing something.  It sounds like you're performing the export with the Natives option checked in the "Load file options dialogue."  With that option selected, all items are produced in their native format, in addition to images and text (if selected).  Although you could manually delete EMLs and MSGs as you described, that process is subject to human error.  More importantly, it would necessitate post-export editing of the native path field in the load file, which is something that's always best avoided.  Instead, you want to leave that option de-selected.


The issue can then be addressed in the "PDF or image rendering options" dialogue, as shown below.  If you mirror the exact settings below, only the specified file types will be exported into the load file's Natives folder, overriding the fact that the Natives option is not selected in the earlier dialogue.  In essence, you're selecting the specific file types that you want to be exported in native format.  This is typically a finite list, including spreadsheets, any any file types that Intella cannot convert to image format.  




There are too many unknowns in your specific workflow to comment more specifically, but based on my reading of your post, I think this addresses the essential issue.



Jason Covey

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