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Export ALL data from Intella Connect


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I have an old case which has data that the client wants another client to have access to, but on a different system.  I do not have the original drives the data came on as I've taken over the cases from an ex employee who wasn't great at archiving and storing material.


Is there an easy way I can export all of the data for each individual exhibit onto a hard drive?

Any help appreciated.




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I think if the original case had the 'cache original evidence items' option ticked then you can probably accomplish what you need, however if that option was ticked then you are likely out of luck.


Are you able to check the case size against any paperwork or notes to see if the size looks like it might be right? For example one of my cases has just over 40GB of data that was the original evidence data, when I check my case data there is just over 60GB. This is not definitive as the indexing process creates data, however it may give you a clue.


You can use the 'location' facet to show all items in the data set then just export to native format and ensure you select 'maintain folder structure'. You may need to run a little bit of testing on a small data set to check how it comes out but I think that will be the only way.

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