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From/To/CC/BCC Fields doubling email addresses on export


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Just a quick question. When I review an original email in an OST in Outlook, it has only a single name in a given field, e.g. "Bob Smith <BSmith@company.com>." However, when I process the OST in Intella (1.8.4, 1.9.1, 2.0.0 all appear to do this), there is an additional form of the name in the Preview and Contents tabs, e.g. "Bob Smith </O=Copmany...>" (See example below). In the client's eyes, it appears that the email had the individual in the TO field twice, sparking a question as to why.


What original in Outlook and Intella Header tab displays:

To: Bob Smith <BSmith@company.com>


What Intella Contents/Preview tab and exported message in a PST displays:

To: Bob Smith <BSmith@company.com>, Bob Smith </O=Company/OU=EXCHANGE ADMINISTRATIVE GROUP (*alpha-numeric characters*)/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=BOB SMITH00A>


I understand that this may be an Outlook thing and I understand that the "Bob Smith </O=..." is from a metadata field inside the message, but I am mostly curious as to why this additional address entry is appended to an exported email when the original does not have it (at least not in that field)? Is it pulling that metadata and then appending it to the TO field? If so, why is it doing this? Is there a need to do so when the original message does not have this format?


It's not a huge issue, I would just like to be able to explain to clients the reason why there appears to be 2 of the same name in the address fields. If more clarification is needed, I can attempt to do so.


Much thanks

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Hello ifinch001,


The second address (Bob Smith </O=Company...>) is an internal one which is used when an email is sent inside the company. Outlook will suppress such information, but Intella shows everything extracted from the email.


When exporting, Intella appends all types of email address, because it may be important for investigation.
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Thank you for the answer on this. However, I have a follow-up.


Occasionally, in the FROM field, it shows just the name and email address for some messages and NOT the name and company, but for others it shows the name and company but NOT the name and email address.


The behavior appears to be inconsistent. We are seeing some that show the name and email address in the FROM field for messages sent to people outside of the organization, as well as name and email address in the FROM field for messages sent to people inside of the organization.


For instance, we have some messages where the FROM is "Miller, Jane <Jmiller@company.com>" ONLY and in the TO field we have "Bob Smith <BSmith@company.com>, Bob Smith </O=Company...>." No one is CCd on them. Based on the explanation provided, it would be expected to see Last Name, First Name </O=Company> in the FROM field. Those emails were exchanged within the organization only.


However, we also have some messages with "Miller, Jane </O=Company...>" (so, no email address is shown) in the FROM field, followed by a TO field of "Smith, Bob </O=Company...>" (and again, no email). Those emails were exchanged within the organization only. What is the cause for the inconsistency, so that we may understand why we are seeing this behavior and be able to explain that to our clients? Is this just because one or the other field is unavailable on that particular message?


Again, I can attempt to explain better if need be.



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This is were using the RAW tab is required. The RAW tab is a direct dump from the original item, in this case the PST. Apart from the layout for ease of reading, Intella has no interaction with this information.  What is shown in the RAW tab field is all there is for Intella to show in the main view. 


In short if it is not shown in the RAW tab it is not in the PST. Based on this information you should be able to do some testing to see exactly what is going on. 

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