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Rolled up tag totals


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Hello Jason,


The counts in the Tags facet show the "explicit counts", i.e. the tags made by the user by selecting those tags in the Add Tags dialog. There is no automatic inheritance in these counts. However, when you query for a parent tag, you will notice that it does include the items from the child tags. This is by design. It works this way in both products.


I recall we had some discussion about it during development. One thing we're considering adding in the future is the possibility to rearrange the tag tree structure, in which case automatically inherited taggings could become a pain.


Does this also work for you? If not, can you explain why? It would help us understand how to improve on this.

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Yes, I like the Parent Child tags - it would work better for me if when a parent had children that you could only apply one of the child tags - the parent is really just a heading to group the child tag.



for example if we have tags







We dont want anyone tagging 'Colours' they should only be tagging either Blue,Green or Yellow



The one issue that I do see with parent & children is that you can have two children of the same names under different parents - not strictly an issue but in quick tags, you only see the childs name.


For Example


Type of Fever






If I tagged a document with Yellow then the Quick tags would show two yellows (one Yellow under fever the other yellow under colours) but you cant tell which one that it is.

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