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Specific export file naming requirement

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Hi we have a requirement to export native documents that are named with the date prefixed to the filename, but to ensure that they can be ordered correctly alphanumeric they want yyyy.MM.dd.hh.mm.filename.ext


Intella currently supports %primary_date% in the filename which is getting close but it always appears to be dd_MM_yyyy  - any advice?


best regards,


Jason Coyne

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Hi Jason,


I was trying to export few emails in the format you wanted and I managed to achieve such format (yyyy.mm.dd hh_MM_ss zzz) by changing Preferences->Display and Locale->Date format to Croatian (there might be more options in which you can achieve this format, I just picked the first one that looked closest to your requirement). An example of exported email with such option: 2014.11.11 23_02_24 CET.eml


I do realize that this might be rather workaround than proper solution, but does this work for you?
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