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Mac OSX Microsoft Outlook Messages Not being parsed

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I've got a case where the clients have provided us with a Mac Book, the machine has outlook installed with thousands of messages, all of which are not being parsed by intella.


I've manually extracted the data, but it's being seen as 'unknown binary file', any thoughts on how to get this material converted so that Intella can see the data.


The files appear to be in the 'olk14Message' format, we do not have the original laptop to be able to convert within Outlook on the Mac.


Any help appreciated.



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I've had a few of these fuzed and you will need to convert the olk14 message format to something Intella can work with. I purchased email chemy for this, starting at $40 for the personal edition it's very cost efficient and worked perfectly.


I'm not aware of any forensic tool that works natively with olk14 format but I could be wrong there.

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Thanks, appears to be the issue, conversion would require me having access to the original laptop and doing it within the software.

I'll try the email chemy software, thank you, does it convert only the messages, or attachments etc. as well within the folders?

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It will take everything including attachments. The software is pretty user friendly and tells you which folder to point the software at depending on the type of mail database to convert. It supports about 30 odd different types so you should have no issues.

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