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Errors on export to PST

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I'm creating some new PST archives for a client and on a particular batch I get a large amount of 'failed to export' errors, around 70k and from the warning logs it appears to be 'no parent email found' is the issue.


Are the items still exported or are they ignored for the export?

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Hi Adam,


Please note that not all items are exportable to PST. Can you make sure that the batch doesn't include any loose files?


> Are the items still exported or are they ignored for the export?

No, they are ignored. You can try to export those items to original format instead.

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My process for this matter has been as follows:

  • Index PST archives with Intella
  • Apply keyword tags for relevant keywords and email addresses limited to email addresses and body of emails
  • Run separate keyword/email address search over attachments
  • Any resulting attachments with keyword hits are isolated then using the 'show direct parent's' option the parent emails of these attachments are then tagged
  • End results show only emails tagged (presumably attachments will go with the parent email but I can confirm that tags did not replicate down to child items)
  • Highlight and then export relevant tagged emails to PST archives.

If my process worked as I was hoping it would then no lone files should have been tagged and only emails are being exported to PST.


Interestingly it appears that there may be other factors in play such as 'long file name' considerations. On watching the process unfold on the target drive it looks like Intella re-creates the directory structure temporarily in order to create the PST archive, I noted that in one case where thousands of errors were being thrown up I had the target directory buried several layers deep. On restarting the process in the root of a drive it seemed to go with only a few errors. I have also seen cases where the same data extracted for a second time with no changes will result in a cleaner PST build with less errors.


I put it down to some of the complexities and difficulties of trying to build a PST that Outlook will be able to use.

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Hi Adam,


It looks like it should work fine based on the process you described.


Can you take a look at one of the items that were failed with "no parent email found" error? Can you locate the item in the case (using View -> Preview Item...), switch to the Tree tab and make a screen shot of it? Can you also make a screen shot of your export to PST options page?


You may want to open a new support ticket and send the screen shots there.

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