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Importing a loadfile in 1.8.4


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I'm having problems importing a load file into my case.


Firstly, the validation screen seems to freezes for a long time, and when it fails, I can't click on the back button.


Secondly, no matter what date format I specify it gives me date parse errors. Intella also give me file open errors on natives and text files, even though the paths are correct.


Has anyone else had issues importing load files into Intella?


I'm afraid the manual isn't really helpful.

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Hi Mark,


I'm not sure why you are having the freezing issue. I wonder whether it is hanging on data in a specific field. Could you provide the load file to us so we can test it?


In terms of the dates, can you provide some screen shots showing the dates which are being used and the errors messages you are receiving.


Given that this is a public forum, can you open a support ticket and send the samples via support please.





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