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Hi, I need to provide accurate information of the number of communications sent and received for individual custodians in a case over a 3 year period and on a monthly basis. On the face of it the Histogram feature would seem to support this type of enquiry but I am not 100% clear on how the information is compiled and should therefore be interpreted. I have reviewed the relevant section in the manual (1.8.4) but it doesn't help me much so I would very much appreciate some help please!


In Histogram view I have deselected all of the field check boxes with the exception of 'Sent' and 'Received'. My case has multiple custodians (subjects), some of which have several PST's as sources and therefore it is safe to assume that there will be a number of duplicated items per custodian.


1. Am I correct in thinking that the Histogram only provides statistics for the entire case? If not is it possible to restrict the results to individual custodians and if so how is it done? (I tried excluding sources in the Location facet but this did not make any difference)


2. Are the results shown in the column graph for all 'Sent' or 'Received' items or is it the number of 'Sent' or 'Received' items after deduplication?


3. If it is for all items is there anyway of de-duplicating the items numbers shown in Statistics?


Also I am not seeing the same number of reported items for 'Sent and 'Received' when I compare the results in the Histogram bar chart with a search on the date range for that month. 

In the example below the case has a single subject and 1 PST, there are no filters or excluded options. The case time zone is UTC +4.


Histogram - Jan 2013 

Sent = 1175  

Received = 1196


Search on all items using date range 01/01/13 to 31/01/13 

Sent = 1137   

Received = 1152


Is the anomaly because the date range search is excluding certain file types which are included in the 'Statistics'?


Finally! Is there any plan to make the information in the Statistics tab suitable for export?


Any information/advice is gratefully received - thank you!




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SamW, I don't know the answers to the technical questions around the histogram issues, however you can achieve what you need with the facet filters for dates.


My approach would be to first view via the locations facet and apply custodians to each of the mailboxes (or data files) if you haven't already.


Then for each custodian display the entire data set, then include the yearly date range and tag that set, then unfortunately you are going to need to repeat this process for each month over the 3 year period to get the monthly numbers. You can exclude/include duplicates in the normal fashion depending on your needs.


It could be a time consuming process depending on how many custodians you have, but I don't think there is any easy way around this unless there is a way to get the histogram to be custodian specific.....which would be a nice addition for the Intella people listening ;)

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Hi Adam, thank you! In the circumstances I think the method you describe is the only way to achieve this albeit it will be time consuming as the custodians are in double figures..


I'm still hoping to get some response from Intella people on the other points around the Histogram and yes I agree it would be a good addition to be able to make it custodian specific :D

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Hi SamW,


The histogram indeed shows the results for all items in the case. We are planning to add both filtering and export options, but we can't predict when this will be available yet.


With respect to deduplication: note that even duplicate items can have different dates associated with them. Dates that are extracted from/associated with the item content will be equal, but dates that are external to the item content (like file system dates or dates stored in a PST file) can be different. As such, item deduplication in this histogram will be problematic. The only option that I can think of at this time is to only deduplicate items within the month or year subsets that are being shown.


I don't have an explanation for the anomaly that you've mentioned at this time. Can you open a support ticket for this?

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