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In order to tag documents by date (Bank Statements for example) users are creating 12 tags a year, for each month.  So 2013-01 to 2015-12 has 36 tags to create, for example.


It is very likely cases will be using similar tagging, and having to recreate it each time is really time-consuming.  I would like to see a tag template, similar to the export templates, where you could apply one or more templates and bring those into your case.


As an alternative, moving the tags to the case.xml would allow us to simply edit this programmatically and embed those tags.  This would avoid the need to have to program all that in.

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Hi Gabriel,


Thanks for your post and query. This can be done by using Tasks in Intella. Tasks allow you to automatically search by date range and to tag the results.


This is how you setup something similar to what you are asking:

  • Open Tasks from the file menu
  • Click on the New button to create a new task
  • Enter a name for the task e.g. 'DR-Search01 - Mar 2016'
  • Select Keyword search for the condition
  • Enter the asterisk ( * ) for the Keyword
  • Select Additional date range and set the date for the month and year
  • You can de-duplicate the results if you want
  • Select 'Tag item' for the Action
  • Enter a name for the tag e.g. '01.01 - DR-Mar 2016'. You can use any name here but the 01.01 at the beginning will place the tags in order. The next tag would start with 01.02 in this case
  • Click Ok to save the task
  • Do the same for all of the months in the year


Once done, you can use the 'Export' button to export the tasks from the case. Use the 'Load from file' button to import the tasks into the new case. Once loaded in, you will need to edit each task to match the month and year you require.





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Thanks Jon, I didn't think about that.  My initial thought was to set up the tags on a new case, and copy the case as a template before items are added.


This is also helpful, although I'd need to give RDP access to any user creating a new case.  I'm really trying to stay away from having to use Intella, and stick with Intella Connect.

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