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Proximity search with a phrase search

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I'm trying to do a proximity search against phrase search but it does not seem to work. At the moment, my syntax is as follows:


"word1 spoke to"~5


I've tried variations on this:


"word1 "spoke to""~5

"word1 ("spoke to")"~5


I'm not sure if my current syntax is correct and whether it will returns matches of word1 against "spoke to", or whether "spoke to" gets evaluated as two words instead.

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Hi Mark,


Unfortunately phrase searches are not supported in proximity searches.


The reason is because the different search terms in a proximity search need to be enclosed in double quotes. A phrase also needs to be enclosed in double quotes however, you can not have nested double quotes (such as  "word1 "spoke to""~5) within a proximity search


A work around for showing all items where word1 is within 5 words of "spoke to" could be done this way:

  • Run a proximity search for "word1 spoke"~5
  • Run a normal include search for "spoke to"


Note - This work around should do what you are trying to achieve however, there could be some false positives returned.





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