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Exporting only "root" items


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I don't think there is currently a way to do this, but I would love the ability to be able to export just the items that are in the folder and not the subitems (for instance, exporting just the PDF and not the individual TIFFs or PNGs that make up the PDF). Obviously, for some types of items (PSTs or ZIPs, for example), this wouldn't be preferred, but it would cut down on the number shock that some end users get when they request "Give me everything in Folder X not tagged Exclude" or something like that...

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Hi Daniel,


This is a very good question. I'm sure that many others have been in the same situation, where they want to produce a sets of documents/emails but not the embedded items that have been extracted from these items during the indexing process.


This can be done but it does require a few manual steps.


1) Create a tag of all of the items in your folder e.g. '01 - Items in folder'.

2) Search this tag, then go to the features facet and run a search on the Embedded folder.

3) You should now have 3 clusters. The intersection of the two searches shows the embedded items.

4) Right click on the embedded items and select 'Remove Tags...' and remove these items from your '01 - Items in folder' tag.

5) Now you are left with only documents and no embedded items.


If you have container files (PST and ZIP) still in the dataset at step 5, you can remove these easily by clicking on the 'Hide Irrelevant' button. Once done, you can export the items.


I hope this helps.





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