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Hey Phil, as luck would have it I just finished a job on a Mac image with almost exactly that situation.


Intella did process the individual olk14 emails, however without the entourage database file being processed/converted there were no attachments or folder structure.


I found (and purchased) a tool called 'Emailchemy' for $30 which converted the entourage database file, which I then processed with Intella, all attachments and folder structure intact. Fantastic little tool, couldn't recommend it highly enough!


Below link has some info on where to find the database file which needs to be converted.



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Thanks for the feedback. I'm familiar with Emailchemy, a tool I used to use more than 10 years ago, but I haven't had the occasion or need to use recently. I didn't realize that it now handles entourage databases, though....


My predicament is a bit different. I"m not dealing with the database. Everything was deleted on the MacBook. However, X-Ways recovered a bunch of files via file carving out of UA. In addition to the EML/EMLx files, it also recovered a bunch of olk14message, olk14msgsource, and olk14attachments files. My understanding is that the mlk14message are the message headers and the olk14msgsource are the actual messages. The X-Ways viewer displays the full olk14msgsource files in email format.


My question is whether I can dump all the olk14* files into Intella and whether Intella can recognize and process them. If anyone knows the answer to this question, please let me know. Thanks.

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Morning Phil, I had some recovered olk14 data from my case so I indexed that in Intella and it doesn't appear to recognise or deal with that format. 


They were all indexed as 'unknown binary files' and nothing was really presenting properly.


Might have to just process via Xways in this instance and use it's own search/index capability.

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